The Muthere Family, Githunguri, Kenya

Muthere family with stove“Karibu, karibu!” says Mama Cecelia Muthere as we are directed into her family’s compound by her husband, Samwel Muthere. Cecelia takes us into her kitchen. It has brightly colored walls and lots of light flowing in through the large windows reflecting off of the meticulously cleaned biogas stove. When asked what she has been cooking over biogas, she replies with a big smile, “Everything!”

Cecelia and Samwel have given up on dirty and unhealthy wood based fuels and have taken advantage of a clean and renewable cooking fuel provided by Takamoto Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) Biogas. The Muthere family will never have to cook over dirty fuels again.

After checking up on the biogas system, Cecelia insists that we have a cup of tea. This happens to be tea that they grow, with milk from their cows prepared over their biogas! We relax on the sofas in their sitting room with some steaming tea and share some stories about the farm. Samwel tells us that they are growing potatoes, greens, cabbages and onions on their farm right now, but those are just for the family’s consumption. The farm products they sell are tea and milk from their six cows. Even though their four adult children have moved to the city and have no interest in farming, Samwel and Cecelia have grown up and lived on farms their whole lives and continue to enjoy the upcountry lifestyle—now improved with biogas.


    • Hi Marcella, Thanks for your interest in Takamoto Biogas! We are still testing our new technology in Kiambu county, but we hope to reach other regions of Kenya next year. Cheers!

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