Pay for appliances

So, you have picked out the perfect biogas and solar appliances for your home? Paying is nearly as easy as selecting the products! When you receive an order confirmation call from Takamoto, just pay your balance by phone.

Please note: This paybill number is only for appliance purchases. For biogas purchases, please use your own unique account number located on the back of your user manual and in your confirmation sms messages from Takamoto Biogas.

  • STEP 1:

    On your phone go to Safaricom


  • STEP 2:

    Select M-pesa



  • STEP 3:

    Select Payment Services


  • STEP 4:

    Select Pay Bill


  • STEP 5:

    Select Enter business number



  • STEP 6:

    Enter Takamoto Pay Bill number 961700step6


  • STEP 7:

    Select Enter account number


  • STEP 8:

    Enter account number 00103


    appliance account number

  • STEP 9:

    Enter PIN and confirm payment


Once you have paid for your purchase, you will receive a confirmation message receipt from Lipisha.