Biogas System

  • Order a biogas system for your family back home in Kenya with easy online payments!


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Amazing savings on BIOGAS right now!

  • Option 1: Get a loan for biogas:

    15,000/= installation fee, plus 2,700/= per month for only 36 months!

  • Option 2: Yours Today:

    Buy a biogas system for 65,000/=

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With Takamoto Biogas, anyone can get biogas! We offer an affordable installation fee of 15,000/= and monthly payments of less than 3,000/=. Call us to find out more – we know you deserve to be cooking over the cleanest, fastest, most money saving fuel in Kenya. 0738-689-788

Our Biogas System is installed in one day

In one day, we install the digester, a double burner stove, the piping and pre-fill the digester so it starts producing biogas within a few days.  All you need to do is keep filling it and start using the biogas!


  • High quality pre-fabricated biogas digesterBiogas-for-Christmas-promotion
  • High quality double burner stove
  • Up to 40 meters of piping
  • Pre-filled with cow dung and water
  • Fully installed by a skilled Takamoto Biogas team
  • Installed in one day
  • Produces biogas within a week
  • Produces enough gas to cook for 6 hours every day on a single burner biogas stove

To order Takamoto Biogas, please call our office at 0738-689-788 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.