Using your appliances

low flame pot

big flame pot

Biogas Stove

  • Let biogas run for 5 seconds before clicking.
  • Keep the flame low under the pot so that it doesn’t wrap around the sides.
  • For maximum gas efficiency, reduce the flame to low for long cooking times.
  • Cook with a lid on the pot to trap the heat.
  • Wipe stove top and burner clean after use.
  • Close all valves when stove is not being used.

lampBiogas Lamp

  • Always watch lamp while lighting it
  • Check mantel for damage before lighting
  • Do not hit or shake lamp; the mantel is fragile

showerWater Heater

  • If the water pressure is high, you can reduce the flow of water to help conserve gas.
  • Make sure that there are no kinks in the hoses for the gas or water.
  • Make sure that you take the water pipe off and clean the screen to ensure proper water flow


  • Make sure you hang the brooder close enough to the animals in order to produce enough warmth.
  • Insulate the structure the brooder is in in order to help keep it warm and reduce the gas usage.
  • Keep the animals being warmed contained so that the heat can be concentrated and be most effective.


  • Make sure that the desulphurizer is located between the water trap and appliances not between the digester and water trap in order to reduce the amount of moisture that will pass through it.
  • Remove the digester pellet filling by uninstalling the unit and unscrewing the blue cap every couple of months. If the materials inside are black, dark in color or wet at all, let them out to dry in the sun for one to two hours or until they return to the light tan color and are dry.

pressure cooker

Pressure Cooker

  • When cooking with a pressure cooker, keep flame at medium until the first whistle, after the first whistle, reduce the heat to low for 15 minutes.
  • Do not open the pressure cooker immediately. Allow it to cool and depressurize for 20 minutes before opening it.
TURN OFF ALL VALVES WHEN THERE IS NO FLAME: Biogas leakages are dangerous and your biogas will be wasted. KEEP CHILDREN AWAY FROM ALL APPLIANCES