The Nduta Family, Githunguri, Kenya

Janet Nduta and her family share the same compound with her husband’s mother, two brothers, one sister and Janet’s family live on the same compound. She has five children;  Florence (15), Grace (9), Alex (12), John (14) and  Teresia (12).There are two biogas systems on the compound supplying both Janet’s household and the mother’s with clean, sustainable Takamoto Biogas!

In addition to growing crops on her farm, she also keeps 2 large cows, 2 calves and many chickens.

Janet cooking over biogas

The Nduta family wanted the biogas because it saves them time and money, plus they say it is clean and very easy to light. Everyone seems to love the biogas. Even Grace (with a little prompting from her mom) says that she likes to cook chai and eggs over biogas.

With such positive and forward thinking parents, it’s no surprise that their children have big dreams! John wants to be an accountant, Grace a doctor, Alex a pilot, and Florence will get to write about all of their successes as a journalist. Teresia acts very shy, but when asked her what she wants to be when she grows up she states, “ a police!” and the whole room erupts into laughter.

We hope that with this source of clean and time saving cooking fuel in their home, we will one day read about each of these children following their dreams and changing the world like Takamoto is  doing with Pay-as-you-go Biogas.


  1. Hi,
    I would like to know the costs for a biogas set up for domestic use. I am
    located in Meru, rural set up, with two zero grazed cows.

    You can also advise on alternative raw materials that can be used.

    Morris M

    • Hi Morris – thanks for your message. At the moment we are only offering biogas in Githunguri through a loan product. We charge an installation fee and monthly installments. We can get in touch when we reach Meru! Cheers!

    • We have a Christmas offer for 80,000 paid up front for a 10cm stove and piping including installation in Githunguri. For other locations, kindly contact us 0738689788

    • Dear Chris, thanks for the support! We do not have suppliers in Kisumu yet, but if you are interested in getting a biogas system or appliances, please give us a call 0738689788 and we can arrange something for you. Cheers!

  2. hi takamoto.. am a small scale farmer from limuru and was wondering if you can help me install biogas to use in my farm.
    jeremy mbugua

  3. Hi . I am very interested in getting the Biogas installation for domestic us..small scale farmer with three cows in my farm ,located in Nandi South .What are the charges on installation fee and monthly installments..

    • We offer loans for as little as 2,700 per month or a single cost of 65,000. Kindly give us a call 0738689788 to schedule a site visit!

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