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Mr and Mrs Mwangi Washington from Kangema, Kenya

Mr and Mrs WashingtonMr and Mrs Mwangi enjoy the light of a biogas lamp in their home. They have three young children who use this light to study after dark in the evenings and early in the morning before attending school.

We went to visit the family recently and the Mr. Mwangi casually bragged that his kids now had the best grades in their classes. Perhaps this is because the kids no longer have to collect firewood and can study late into the night with a biogas lamp. Or maybe it’s because the parents can spend more time with their kids. Whatever the reason, it’s exciting to see that the Mwangi farm and children are so successful.

MwangiNews reached a local radio reporter about especially large and tender chickens that were growing on Mwangi’s farm. Mr. Mwangi is not only using the biogas in his home for cooking and lighting, but he also uses a chick brooder on his farm. According to Mr. Mwangi, the continuous flow of biogas means his chicks are less stressed than with the intermittent heating generated from the electric grid. He increased his flock from 100 chickens to 850 in just four months.