Jane Nungari Nganga, Githunguri, Kenya


Jane with digester _smallJane Nungari Nganga grew up in the same village where she now lives, went to school through high school and married shortly after. She has always kept cows and grown crops, but when her children were young, she took a job in the nearby town of Kiambu at a telecommunications company. “With that salary, I made sure that my children could all go to a good school,” says Mama Jane.

“I had learned about biogas a few years ago from my friend who bought it. This was a biogas system made of bricks and it kept cracking and leaking so I didn’t want to have that,” says Mama Jane. It wasn’t until she heard about Takamoto’s biogas model that she decided to try it for herself. “You know, the smoke from the firewood makes us cough and makes our eyes cry and the Maaco (propane) is gone in less than a month,” says Mama Jane, “But the biogas is always there and I cook everything with it. It cooks so quickly with two burners that in only 30 minutes I can have a meal ready!”

As we walk between banana trees to her biogas system she says proudly, “I was the first one to get Takamoto Biogas on this road. Then all of my neighbors they were coming to see it on Sundays, and they were seeing it is good, and now everyone here is getting Takamoto too.”


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