The Gitau Family, Githunguri, Kenya

Grace cooks with biogas stoveGrace Gitau is very happy with the biogas. She installed her double burner stove that comes included with the pay-as-you-go installation in her main house, but she added a single burner cooker to improve her business in her shop at the edge of the road that she uses more frequently where she prepares and sells uji (porridge) to her neighbors.

She is also making good use of the bio fertilizer. “Now it is rainy season and we are planting maize, potatoes, kale and sweet potatoes and I am using the bio fertilizer to help them to grow.” She adds that she is also planting trees for timber. “Even this house was built with the trees on this land,” she says emphatically. They also used to use these trees for firewood, but with their new biogas system, the Gitau Family will only cook with clean, renewable biogas.



  1. this are good things kindly go go go to othr counties u ll get customers me being one of them.thnx margert for satisfying me in our quiz n answer session.

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