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Takamoto Biogas offers Quality Digesters and Loans for Biogas

Order a biogas system for your family back home in Kenya with easy online payments!

Call us at 0738-689-788 (Or US/UK/Canada at +1-610-844-4128)

We know that clean cooking fuel is important to you and your family, so we provide a biogas solution that suits your needs and wallet!

Option 1: Get a loan for biogas: 15,000/= installation fee in Kiambu, 20,000/= in Mt Kenya and 30,000 in Rest of Kenya, plus 5,500/= per month for only 12 months!

Option 2: Yours Today: Buy a biogas system for 70,000/= in Kiambu, 75,000/= in Mt Kenya and 85,000/= in Rest of Kenya.

What do you need for Takamoto Biogas?

  • 2-4 cows
  • Access to water on your property
  • A desire to change your life!

What do you get with a Takamoto Biogas installation?

* Loan offer valid in current regions of operations in Kenya. Please contact our office 0738-689-788 to find out if your region is included. 

Why Takamoto Biogas?change your life with Takamoto biogas

Imagine a life where you get up in the morning, light your stove in an instant, and boil water in less than 10 minutes. A life where YOU control your own cooking fuel because you own a Takamoto Biogas System!

Takamoto Biogas provides a revolutionary and affordable way for you as a farmer to purchase a clean, renewable and reliable biogas system that fits in your family budget.

Takamoto Biogas will propel you and your family towards better lives when you no longer use dirty, unhealthy and expensive cooking fuels.

At Takamoto Biogas we are the biogas specialists providing affordable, high quality biogas systems with excellent customer service and technical expertise to you and your neighbors.

How will Takamoto Biogas benefit you and your household?

  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • Improve your family’s health and living conditions by eliminating soot and smoke
  • Increase your crop yields
  • Power productivity enhancing appliances such as chick brooders and chaff cutters

How will your community benefit with Takamoto Biogas?

  • Protect local forests
  • Improve air quality
  • Increase money to spend in the community
  • Smarter children since they won’t be searching for firewood and can study longer
  • Health improvement of the community members